Valentines Day is quickly approaching. Still struggling to find the digital nomad in your life something special? A daughter, cousin, friend or special loved one. They really seem to have it all sometimes don’t they. The most fantastic instagram photo’s and facebook status updates. Here are 5 gift ideas to help you show them how special you feel they are.

  1. Inflatable neck pillow scarf: stylish and practical. Great for the girl always on the go! Those airplane rides can get a little chilly and once you land you want to be productive, not seeking out the nearest masseuse to deal with that awful neck kink. Check out Sleeper Scarf for more information on these fashionable finds. Sleeper Scarf                                                      via: tiffanypaultravel
  2. iTunes gift card: The digital nomad can always make use of an iTunes gift card. Whether they use it for the latest productivity apps, some zen tunes to keep them focused or some fun instagram editing tools you can rest assured they will find something they enjoy. We recommend Duet to turn a tablet into a secondary screen. Allowing the digital nomad to DOUBLE UP on productivity!
  3. Experiences: shop local! Gifts are all about the effort and thought put into them. Do some searching and find something interesting in the city they are currently living in. Buy them dinner at a restaurant that is out of their price range or an upcoming event or concert. Experiences are the best gifts because
  4. Speck iPhone case: compact and protective. Now you dont have to dash with your phone in one hand and your wallet in the other. Leave a hand free for the coffee you need for those early mornings. Working in a different time zone can be really tough! Speck Productsspec case
    via: Speck website
  5. Portable charger: There are a tonne of portable chargers now available on the market and the digital nomad needs one or more to power up all their gadgets when they are on the road. We recommend the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet. Most of the portable chargers on the market are great for phones and tablets but this one is best when trying to power up a laptop. Never get stuck in a power jam with an approaching deadline!