Envy is an ugly emotion. I don’t live within a state of envy often but it sneaks up occasionally. Social media has a way of impressing this emotion upon us more frequently but it also comes with the joy of inspiring us. The good comes with the bad.

I want to travel more. I want to work remotely.

As I spend more time researching and embracing this culture, the more fearful I become. People have given up so much to pursue their dreams of travel. Maybe I don’t have it in me. Most of them if asked, will say JUST DO IT. Stop procrastinating and take action. I shake my head and say ya, ya, Let’s do this! and then immediately become paralyzed with fear. Over the past few months I have been reflecting on that fear and I think I have figured out where MY fear comes from. I am looking around seeking inspiration from digital nomads, weekend jet setters and vacationers. All of them doing amazing things but none are quite truly aligned with what I am attempting to do. And that does not mean I turned a blind eye to their journey, simply recognizing my own interests and being self aware was enough! You need to be authentic to your own journey.

483710_wookmarkvia Be Inspired by other success, not defeated on Inspirationde #483710 on Wookmark.

There are many different types of travel. I have outlined as many as I could think of below. I will be adding my favourite bloggers and travel resources to each category as I come across them. Please add your favourite bloggers and other recommendations in the comments below!

Solo Travel


Luxury Travel

RTW Travel

Working Remotely

Weekend Jet Setter


Living Abroad

Volunteer Travel

Work Travel

Wellness Travel

Study Abroad

Family Travel

Incentive Travel

Adventure Travel