You know those days that you just sit and stare at a blank computer screen? Or the days you just lay in bed scrolling through Instagram? How about the days you binge watch an embarrassing reality tv show that friends or colleagues would completely disapprove of. Today I did just that. Now it is 7 pm and I feel utterly bad about myself. My to do list is still 17 items long and I feel slightly lost. So why did I do this to myself? I had the ability to be productive and completely in control of my day. I could have accomplished so much more. Am I just lazy?

This morning, I had the best intentions. Just one more episode I told myself. Then I prepped my to do list. If I get my head around everything I have to do I will be inspired to get started I thought.

I let my entire day slide by because I was scared of doing one thing….

You see there was this kind of monumental, yet completely easy, thing I had to do on my to do list. I need to send a follow up email from an interview I had on Friday.

Easy enough, right?!

Well, sending that email also meant coming to the decision that I was going to proceed. It also meant putting myself on the line. Taking a risk.

If I pursue this opportunity, I risk becoming less satisfied with my current position. There is something to be said about “Love what you have, not what you want” (especially when you have only had what you have for 9 months).

The good life begins when you stop wanting a better one….I am just starting to gel in my current role. I have not even been here long enough to truly appreciate what kind of opportunities I may have with my current employer.

This opportunity scares me and excites me all at the same time. I would be crazy to not take a shot at it.

So what is the problem….

Fear – fear of rejection. Fear of failure and fear of being “found out” by my current employer.

Unknowns – You never really know what a company is like, the intricacies of the job until you are smack dab in the middle of it. What if it is not everything I imagined it would be?

Hard Work – No, no, don’t judge. I am ready to give my all. I have no problem working my butt off. Let me explain. This job is similar to owning your own business. It comes with the perks and hard work of being completely your own. Every business owner that I know rarely takes time off. I started this blog in an attempt to figure out how I was going to make more time in my life for travel. And here I am potentially throwing my name in the hat for a job that will be all work and little play for at least the first couple years. Am I really about to do this??

Let the games begin. And by games, I mean crazy rounds of interviewing.

I am at a fork in the road. I see airplanes and adventures down one path and career, hard work and success down the other. I am not 100% certain which path I am going to take just yet. But I do know that either way has me moving forward. And if you are not moving forward then you may as well be moving backwards.

Let’s do this!