IG is my favourite Trip Planning Tool

My past few trips have been fairly spontaneous, short and slightly chaotic! With limited time for planning I have been grateful for my IG process. It has become my secret to a well planned trip in a snap.

Once I know where I am going, here are the steps I follow to plan my whirlwind getaways:

  1. I search by hashtag for the location I am going #iceland
  2. I screen grab images of places I want to go
  3. I look especially for images that are geotagged and screen grab the geotag and multi images
  4. I create an album on my iPhone photo’s – “places to see Iceland”
  5. In Google Maps, I star all of the places I found of interest
  6. I check the travel times between points of interest
  7. Loosely plan to book hotels or hostels near larger clusters of points of interest
  8. I use excel to create a calendar of my travel days
    • I plug in my arrival time and departure time
    • I plug in points of interest each day based on location and timing needed for each
    • I make plans to book by hotels or hostels based on what I need to see and number of days required in each place iceland_itinerary
  9. I use TripAdvisor to look at reviews for the hotel/hostel options in each area
  10. Book any popular or limited availability attractions ahead of travel to avoid disappointment (ie Blue Lagoon, diving trips, etc)

And, if you happen to follow a few of the people along the way, it can even inspire your next trip! When I used IG to plan my Arizona trip, I noticed an influx of photo’s of Utah in my feed over the next few months. Its not surprising that many of the people who had been posting pictures of their Arizona travels also toured through Utah once they finished their exploration of Arizona.

Good Luck with your future trip planning! I hope Instagram is as good to you as it has been to me! And if you feel so inclined, be sure to follow me!! @theaspiringremote