Scuba Dive Belize

Work Remotely for 3+ months

Meet Tim Ferris

Attend Songkran festival

Become a wine expert

Take sailing lessons

Visit Great Wall of China

Visit Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Padi Dive certification

Sky Diving

Solo Travel

See the Northern Lights

Hike Kilimanjaro

Swim with Whale Sharks

Dive with Hammerhead sharks

Learn to surf

Attend a yoga retreat

Visit every continent

Volunteer abroad

Go on a cruise

Live on a sail boat

Attend an Indian Wedding

Participate in Carnival Trinidad

Dive Tobago

Travel to see a favourite band in another city

Eat Pad Thai in Thailand

Zipline in Costa Rica

Help stranger while traveling

Take my mother on a trip with me

Road trip along the California coast

Attend Diner en Blanc in another city

White water rafting Ottawa

White water rafting Switzerland

Go to an outdoor music festival in another city

Visit Victoria Falls

Attend Yacht Week

Go to Ultra Music festival

Prepare a meal with a famous chef

Hike Machu Pichu

Complete 100 dives

Rappel down a waterfall

Volunteer abroad

Hit 10,000 visitors for my blog


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